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The current economic, financial, credit and confidence crisis has brought new construction and engineering projects to a halt. Even in the best of times proposals for projects that are never built cost $Billions but now, with heightened investor FEAR of losing money, opportunities have dried up and dependent firms face economic disaster.

However, FREE trumps FEAR! WINBUILDIT attacks client/investor FEAR of losing money by enabling intelligent qualification decisions to be made in the time it takes for a coffee break. Heretofore time and cost has prevented this but now real-time optimization enables FREE business development initiatives to be taken. Value and competence determined before price/fee negotiation puts events in proper order for successful marketing.

Other features designed to expedite qualification and instill confidence include:

  1. Relation of client’s business plan to feasibility recognized.
  2. Standardized feasibility methods acceptable to financial analysts used
  3. Return on investment methods used acceptable to financial analysts.
  4. Real-time (single code) optimization maximizes client profitability.
  5. Credit problems can be resolved at the very beginning in a way bankers understand.
  6. Price estimate (Calculator “A” only)
  7. Qualification or relative value of a proposal is predicted in terms of Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) and Modified Internal Rate of Return (“MIRR”).
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SMART Marketing Overcomes Economic Crisis!
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Read about the Calculator that takes only seconds to give Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), and Capitalization Rate.